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chromium in Debian

This blog post serves mostly to memorize my findings wrt the situation around chromium in Debian, but might be useful for others too. It is not a critique.

As of 2020-12-20 Debian's chromium package is with version 83 - that was relased in June 2020 - behind upstream which is at version 87.

That is a problem because chromium in Debian has at the time of writing 141 security issues that are fixed upstream.

Lately many parties have started work on importing v87 into Debian, which has produced a package that however doesn't seem to be available at this moment.

There's also the ungoogled-chromium effort that I'm interested in however it seems that event though they have ported their patches to v87 they do not want to diverge from Debian's packaging and so ungoogled-chromium v87 is not currently available neither for Debian nor for Ubuntu.

There are however Debian packages by the original author of ungoogled-chromium. YMMV. Take a moment to think before installing these.

Tomáš Pospíšek, 2020-12-20