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Won't contribute to or fight 'too old; closing' robots

tldr; if you have robots that are closing tickets then I propose to state that prominently on your ticket submission page, so people reporting bugs or submitting patches can decide up front if they are willing to spend their time on it.

Some open source projects have begun using robots that close bug reports or tickets that are "too old".

If your project does this then there is a good chance that I will not spend my time writing a bugreport or contribute to tickets.

Let me justify my stance:

To me reporting a bug/opening a ticket has multiple purposes:

In my perspective, a bug that gets closed, gets obscured: it becomes less visible.

That's good if the problem has been fixed. Then the information won't be taking up attention unnecessarily.

However it's bad if the ticket gets closed if it hasn't been fixed yet, because it looses visibility and therefore a lot of the reasons for having a ticket in the first place - as listed above - get less attention.

The consequence of letting a robot close valid, old tickets will sometimes be that people will re-report the problem, not find the work-arounds, and so forth.

So in my perspective using robots to close old, valid reports is wasting (other) people's time.

I am not interested in having my time wasted, so I proabably won't write or contribute tickets if your project uses robots to close tickets.


Tomáš Pospíšek, 2020-10-08