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HTML/HTTP considered harmful

It's astounding that the web standards are so successful. When I have to deal with them I'm surprised how lame they are now and again.

Let's look at just one fundamental problem of HTML here: its lack of mechanisms to compose a document from multiple parts.

People always had the need to compose a web page out of multiple elements: take this piece of content here and put it into a web page.

An example would be the navigation bar. An element that is the same on every page of a web site. Even though virtually every web site in existence has a navigation bar, HTML won't let you express this.

No "INCLUDE" tag out there.

It is not possible to do with HTML.

The HTML standard has various contortions around this problem but it does not offer a simple, generic solution to this basic, trivial problem.

There are various lame exuses for not having an "INCLUDE" tag in HTML:

Tomáš Pospíšek, 2018-08-25