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Getting Viber to run under Debian

AFAIK viber only runs under Debian testing aka jessie.

Even after reporting and receiving an email from Viber support, that they would include package dependencies for their Debian viber package, the current viber.deb still doesn't have any dependencies in the package.

Moreover the Viber Debian package is not named in a proper way, so one can not know before downloading and inspecting the package, whether Viber has released a new, updated Debian package of their application.

Allthough the viber application runs reasonably fine under Debian/Linux, it does look like there's a noob at Viber that does the Debian packaging.

Anyway, here are the dependencies for Viber under Debian:

Depends: libx11-6:amd64, libxext6:amd64, libxrender1:amd64, libxcomposite1:amd64, libxslt1.1:amd64, libgl1-mesa-glx:amd64, libxi6:amd64, libssl1.0.0:amd64, libgstreamer0.10-0:amd64, libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-0:amd64, libsm6:amd64: libxkbcommon0:amd64

There was one interesting aspect of determining the right dependencies for the viber app: when starting the app, the Linux linker would complain about missing libraries.

However, even after installing all the libraries that the linker would ask for, the application would still not start. So I did strace the viber app and voilà, it was trying to load After also installing that library, viber would start.

Tomáš Pospíšek, 2014-08-10 (Updated on 2014-09-11 - added libxkbcommon0:amd64 dependency)