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Apple's iPad Cable

After loosing our iPad's first cable on the turkish black sea coast, we bought a no name replacement one somewhere before Samsun. Allthough the seller assured us it would work, it barely was able to charge the iPad, taking days and after a couple of days it started having contact problems.

So after cursing the Chinese producers for a while we searched for a real Apple dealer for a long time, and finally found one in Tbilisi (!) and bought the original Apple plug and cable for fucking 40 Euros.

But - Apple's original plug and cable also took half an eternity to charge the iPad (less though than the no name product) and also had contact problems.

I thought, maybe the stupid iPad is not made for kids' usage and needs a very tender treatment of the iPad's side plug...

But then, back in Istambul, I found this on the street:

Turns out we're not the only ones that have problems with the bloody Apple cable. It's Apple that has deemed the looks of its cable more important than robustnes and reliability and does not shy away from charging its customers 40 Euros for its piece of shinily designed replacement trash.

Tomáš Pospíšek, 2014-01-28