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The solution to the egregious, untenable IT problem

Your job as a programmer has become obsolete!!!

I've heard from a friend of mine, that's contracted as a freelancer on a large governement IT project, that the consulting company - one of the world's most renown - has determined, that the main cause of that project's failures are the programmers.

The synchonicity is striking, as my own intense thinking has also led me to the conclusion, that it's always the programmers, that write the buggy code in applications and also it's also always programmers that take too long!!!

It's surprising though that nobody has succeeded in finding the evindent solution: removing the root cause of the problem means eliminating the programmer!!!

That means we only need one correct programm, and since computers never make mistakes, that program will write our applications, which will therefore be bugfree!!!

With no further ado, here. is the application generator. A business consultant or project manager needs to fill out what functionality is needed, and the programm will generate the application for him. And that's the end of IT headaches!

Tomáš Pospíšek, 2010-07-20