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updated: kaddressbook bye bye

I wanted to phone someone and started my addressbook.

Nothing happened. Then the fan started to buzz and errors started to scroll by at a furious pace. After a while my addressbook appeared indeed - it was empty. I was dismayed. What had happened?

I started "top", there was a process virtuoso-t consuming my CPU. WTF? As usual with "modern" Gnome and KDE programms - no information at all on my laptop about this programm that absurdely lives somewhere under /usr/lib.

I asked Google and lo behold - it's some new KDE framework that installed nepomuk, akonadi, and a new DB virtouso-t on my laptop and now I had no less than 12 (!!!) akonadi and 4 nepomukservices processes banging down on my machine.

Only god knows why I need two dozen processes to manage my meager addressbook.

# apt-get remove virtuoso-nepomuk kaddressbook
# apt-get install abook

Good bye kaddressbook.

So there goes my recent story about my last Ubuntu update to Lucid:

Update on 2010-07-06:

Some of my problems could have been caused by a wrong filesystem configuration:

Tomáš Pospíšek, 2010-05-20